Myopia Clinical Studies: Retail Optometry Hates Them2021-11-10T02:42:25+00:00

Science.  The garlic to most online vision improvement vampires (of your wallet and sanity).  You won’t find many links to Google Scholar and clinical studies and optometry journal articles on most vision improvement sites.  Why?

We wont dare to speculate (or speak ill of the unicorn farmers).  But here you will find discussion about vision biology, about discoveries in optometry science, and many studies and articles relevant to understanding myopia and your eyesight.

Tidbits Of Myopia Science

Here's some third hand repost from smarter-people-than-Jakey, about all sorts of bits of scientific explorations. Source, this post in our private member forum (login required). Source of the source, this site. This book is still a goldmine, and still updated. I’m copying some sections which I found particularly interesting from the latest additions: Liang et al. reported186 : “study demonstrated that near work significantly decreased CCPA [chorio‐ capillaris perfusion area]. The extent of CCPA reduction after near work was associated [...]

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