Myopia Clinical Studies: Retail Optometry Hates Them2021-11-10T02:42:25+00:00

Science.  The garlic to most online vision improvement vampires (of your wallet and sanity).  You won’t find many links to Google Scholar and clinical studies and optometry journal articles on most vision improvement sites.  Why?

We wont dare to speculate (or speak ill of the unicorn farmers).  But here you will find discussion about vision biology, about discoveries in optometry science, and many studies and articles relevant to understanding myopia and your eyesight.

Why Is My Eyesight Worse In: Low Light / Indoors / Dusk / Night Time

Here’s a great analysis from Jonathan over in our Le Meow forum – of how and why your eyesight seems worse according to lighting conditions: Hi, my name is Jonathan, and I’ve been a lurker here for a while. I’m currently at about -3.6 diopters in both eyes down from around -4.75 (20-20 measurement). This is actually my second go at this, about 15 years ago I tried something similar, discovered what we now call “Active Focus”, got some good [...]

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Can This Tiny Piece Of Paper Replace Your Optometrist?

Just a quick one today. No backlog of 20/20 improvement reports update (it's a shockingly large folder by now, yikes).   No rants.  No hey-we-made-more-videoz.   This just one I really thought was awesome, from the Facebook group. Justin made his own customized diopter measuring tape: How fancy is THAT. The starting point comes of course from the endmyopia downloads. Besides our custom eye charts and quasi astigmatism measuring tools and various Android and Windows measuring and logging apps, there [...]

Optics & Diopters: ALL THE NERDY MATHS!

If you know a divine eye guru at all, you know that he sucks at math. This isn't a defect, his divine entity will have you know.  It's actually part of the indefinitely wise nature of lustrous guru beards, seeing far beyond silly pedestrian concepts like the maths and numbers and things.  You can't ascend to status of holy sagelitude without first forgetting as much as possible about all teh formulas. Yes as you might suspect, above never got Jake [...]

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