If you know a divine eye guru at all, you know that he sucks at math.

This isn’t a defect, his divine entity will have you know.  It’s actually part of the indefinitely wise nature of lustrous guru beards, seeing far beyond silly pedestrian concepts like the maths and numbers and things.  You can’t ascend to status of holy sagelitude without first forgetting as much as possible about all teh formulas.

Yes as you might suspect, above never got Jake VonPeabrain out of any math exams.  Humans are cruel.

You do actually potentially want to understand some basic mathematical concepts around refractive states, diopters, and acuity.  It can be rather quite reassuring to properly quantify where you’re at, and realistic goals of where you want to get to. 

To that end, the Wolfram Alpha maths and wisdoms search engine is rather quite genius.

Yes, click that link!  You’ll get all sorts of insights:

Teh maths.

Even if ultimately your life ends up about being outside and doing fun things and not being a sheeple sold some mythical “genetic illness” and fake plastic focal planes.  Even if.  On the way it’s interesting to look under the hood and understand the science bits.