Just a quick one today.

No backlog of 20/20 improvement reports update (it’s a shockingly large folder by now, yikes).   No rants.  No hey-we-made-more-videoz.  

This just one I really thought was awesome, from the Facebook group.

Justin made his own customized diopter measuring tape:

How fancy is THAT.

The starting point comes of course from the endmyopia downloads.

Besides our custom eye charts and quasi astigmatism measuring tools and various Android and Windows measuring and logging apps, there is our very own printable diopter ruler

Yes.  I do find designers to make all these things, and pay them for their work.  And you get it for free.

Various tweaks have been made to this diopter tape before.  See Nate’s version, for example.  Cool stuff, from the ever expanding awesomeness of the endmyopia community!