I made a quick video explaining the potential importance / benefits of intermediate distance active focus.

The particular distance range at which you use active focus, may make a difference for improvement results.  If you’re struggling with 20/20 gains, or just looking for more tweaks to maximize stimulus, this could be for you.

As always, entirely experimental.  Take a look:

Audio version:

As a bit of an experiment, I also published this episode on our podcast channel.  If you are subscribed to The Shortsighted Podcast on any popular podcast platform, you should be able to listen to it from there as well.

And here it also is, intermediate distance active focus on Youtube.

Also as explained in the video, this is an endmyopia pro topic.  If you enjoy this type of content and want lots more, I have over 200 pro topic videos available in the member section of BackTo20/20.  I continue to add to that library so if you buy membership once, you won’t ever have to pay again for new and updated lessons.

I hope you’re making lots of 20/20 gains!