It’s been a while, darlings.  

It sometimes feels as though the world as moved on from written words and blogs and things, towards reels and TikTok things and scroll-ey bits and YouTube shorts and podcasts.

All media that a beard is clearly too old for.  

Or perhaps, too majestic.  

Speaking of, I should be doing more terrible YouTube videos.  They do get dozens upon dozens of views and it’s not at all a fruitless effort.  Do kids these days even need eyesight that goes beyond arm’s length?  And will they need it once Zucky McZuckerf*ck gets his way with Web3, the metaverse, the total ownership of your attention and reality to live in his corporate digital reality?

Who knows.  I’m old.  Not in touch.  Here’s who’s not old, though:


I have kids.  Maybe you have kids.  Letting these retail optometry halfwits direct the eyesight of your children should be illegal.  They have zero clue what they’re doing.  

Best case scenario.

Or maybe plenty of that industry knows exactly what they’re doing, which is how they turned selling glasses and making your eyes turn to sh*t a hundred billion (with a b!) dollar a year business.  Nobody reads the science or the studies or understands the biology, or takes the time for any of it.

Ah well.  It does break my heart, though.

There are good news though:

It’s always a mixed bag, life.  And the guru inbox.  Let’s pick another good news one:

I guess you have to be smart to see well.

Or lucky.  Or be the type to ask plenty of questions.  The type to overlook the occasional misgivings of a dubious beard, and dig into endmyopia despite these unnecessary rants and digressions.

Best part?  These are just a couple of e-mails, from a single day.  Most days include quite a few bits of encouraging news and progress updates, and people clearly having discovered endmyopia and made sense of its inner workings.  It continues to encourage.

Now, will I make more videos?  Reels and things?  

Maybe.  Whenever I manage to overlook feeling like a psycho talking to myself, at a camera lens.  See you over on the Tubes!


Il Jaquarino Los Tres