Rant time.

So there was an improvement report post in our Facebook group:

-6.50 to -4.50 gains.  Which, nice.

Whole thread is here.

Let me spare you going to look for yourself though because anytime somebody posts an improvement update, all the you-know-what comes out of the woodwork. 

Yes, that.

I don’t know what it is, to be honest.

Is it a language barrier?  Is it just, a different learning style?  Is it lazy, ie. let me copy your homework, you explain to me what you did, let me skip the line, I don’t need to read all this, just … tell me the stepz?

Also since we live in this weird time of entitlement and censorship and not hurt anyone’s feelings, ole Jake is now the one feeling a bit trapped as to how far we can express sentiments on above style of community participation.  I for one, really thinking just GTFO, this is not the place to be lazy and ignoring the search function and expecting others to hand you success on a sliver platter.

But then I realize I’m a bit of an a**hole and I accidentally created a resources that gives hope to (and can be discovered by) the zombie hordes that might be humanity at large.

The original rant was going to be about Bates Method.  This e-mail:

See what he did, there?

Vision improvement is relatively simple.  I even post lengthy repeat explanations in our forum.  

Seems that we live in a world where censorship rules the day in democratic countries, where science is apparently banned from the conversation if it’s not conveniently supporting the narrative, and the hordes of unthinking masses support all of it.

In a way, getting your 20/20 vision back is an act of defiance.  And success in the face of the will of society.

That or your favorite guru went without coffee today and the withdrawals are speaking here.

Cheerios.  20/20 gains, para ti.