Ole Jakey’s been told that we’re neglecting the blog.  

Which may be true.  Also though I’ve been spending time posting more videos on our Tubes and keeping up with some conversations in our forum

No excuse.

So here’s a bit of a nudge for one of the recent video-style rants, discussing peripheral vision and any potential for sudden and dramatic vision improvement.

A bit of back story, some dude decided that taking endmyopia and Bates Method and creating a bit of a mashup of the two would be a good opportunity to promote a whole new “Vision Improvement Method”.  

Kind of makes sense, take the popular thing and the thing that works, put them together, win.


The thing that comes out is definitely a bit deformed.  Bates Method is a waste of time.  Eye exercises don’t work.  What makes people tempted is the new age fluffy pseudoscience (and oh boy, is there a lot of that) and the initial experience of making gains.  

Also.  Please can we just start being a little bit skeptical when random people start claiming giant improvement rates, “this one weird trick”, and selling something?  

Shalt we digress.  Here’s the video:

Had some work done.  Lip enhancement.  Like it?

Of course I’m the first to be pro experimenting.  Don’t take this the wrong way.

It’s just when we combine the big promises and making a a “method” without a shred of noteworthy experience or data or science or really … anything.  That’s when I get annoyed because it’s just one more way to mislead people and have them try a thing, have it not work, and have them give up on their eyesight.

That’s a selfish, dick move.  Let’s not encourage that bit.


Von Jakey VonderJakenhausen, The Third