All right, kittehz.

Low myopia.  Or as I call it, “how optometry creates lens customers for life”.

We’ll do our very best today to just get this out there, without it turning into yet another giant epic rant.

Try, kittehz.  No actual promises.

*Strong language warning.  Trigger warning.  This will be a rant.

It all starts out with this post in the Facebook group:

Picture a slowly seething beard.

So.  Deep breath.


You don’t have “0.25 diopters of myopia”.  You don’t.  I guarantee you this.  You wear 0.25 or you don’t, there’s no difference.

It’s still not a rant, this.  We can still salvage this into an objective and informational post.

Just that you don’t need 0.25 diopters of glasses.  Not you, not anybody.

Also you have a completely natural thing called “ocular dominance”.  Somebody who doesn’t have the slightest fucking clue of what they’re doing (that optometrist) could just dial in an extra half diopter of nothing, ignoring natural ocular dominance, and thus creating some totally unnatural focal plane (high diopter ratio).  

What’ll that do, you wonder?  Well … it’ll make it so taking off the glasses won’t feel like the zero difference it actually is and instead, make it uncomfortable to be without the glasses.

It’s a giant, epic, ridiculous fucking scam.

Also I’m not cursing.  This is the only possible adjective (yes, yes it is, shut up) to correct ascribe the requisite gravitas to the statement.  

A ridiculous. Fucking. Scam.

Oh but wait, there’s more.  Astigmatism.  Now just imagine old Jakey right now, literally angry while typing this.  Because this isn’t just dumb.  This is inexplicable in rational terms, it’s nonsensical.  

Nobody, and I do mean nobody can tell the difference between 0.25 of cylinder and zero-nothing of cylinder. 

What massive fucking *****.  (this post will need a bit of a ‘strong language’ disclaimer)

This fuckweed is literally creating lens induced astigmatism in this case, out of thin air.  It’s nothing now but next year, next visit, it’ll be 0.50 diopters.  And then 0.75.  And you’ll slowly become a prisoner of the glasses.  

A subscriber.

These guys, semi unwitting as they might be (which is why we may as well call them half-wits), are creating myopia.  There is no myopia in this situation.  I mean really, what other professions are allowed to just literally create the conditions requiring their treatments?  

It’s fucking insane.

Because of this batty nutball shit we WILL continue promoting endmyopia and exposing this incredibly prolific scam being propagated on your literal, actual eyesight.

Fuck you, lens sellers.  

Hopefully you aren’t a lens seller though, and hopefully you are learning how to see through this whole dumb charade.  

Your eyes are fine.  Get them back to 20/20 (and away from those clowns).