Of course the optometrist is a real doctor.

Don’t disrespect their four year degree.

Yea ok so it’s not the 8+ years an actual medical doctor has to go through, plus residency, the massive investment of time and money that it takes to really become the person who should be calling themselves ‘doctor’.

Though realistically, anybody can call themselves ‘doctor‘.

And literally every hack on the Internet with an online acupuncture (or massage) degree does it anyway.  Apparently you can give endocrinology advice online, and sell supplements even if all you got is some online degree in massage therapy.

So what’s the problem.  At least that retail lens seller did actually spend four years in (remedial?) school to call you a ‘patient’, quite brazenly, and charge you 5,000% markups on clear curved plastic that will actually make your eyes worse.

All of it is fine.  Respect their authoratah.

And also never post this video in reply to some four-year lens sales school flunky insisting that you call them ‘doctor’.

Don’t troll.  Be nice.

Either way, consider making some 20/20 gains.