‘Ello, darling fellow kittehz.

In case you’ve seen the recent endmyopia Facebook group update and wondered what’s up … here’s the concise update on ye guru’s mental state and general year end summary of the state of wholey affairs:

Yes, 2022 is finally about over.

Yes we’re still and forever, here.

Not a great deal of anything has been accomplished by yours truly in this time.

I did update the Facebook group name, though:

Why, you wonder?

Actually if you’ve been around for more than a little while, you probably don’t wonder at all. Good on you.

Joe doesn’t get it. Which does it make it far funnier.

Mainly on some caffeine fueled introspection, things have yet again gotten too serious of late. That prior name of the group … what was going on there?  Where’s the subterfuge?  The sarcasm?  The unspoken rule that we must confuse at least 50% of casual readers?

Mission accomplished.

No matter how much some will look for it, ole Jakey will never be anyones fearless leader.   Or bask in the (worthless) approval of the Interwebs.

Speaking of worthless, we made way too much money in December.  We’ll soon have to reverse course on this whole ‘endmyopia is broke’ story if this continues at all.

How about some actual good 20/20 gains-news to round out this random musing?

We likes it.

Or how about this one:

Really deserves its own entry but then the “updates” screenshot folder has about fifty more of these that I never get around to posting.

So here, gratuitously strewn in.  Endmyopia works.  Yes anecdotal as ever.  Ten thousand anecdotes, how many more will it take?  Will we ever have a study, Jake?  Only if you help me do it!  (e-mail me if you want to make it happen – I have endless amounts of raw data at this point)

For the darling optometrists … shock and horror!  Or rather not shock and horror because as it turns out, your customer base is as gullible as they’re uninformed.  And also disinterested.  All is safe and status quo, they’ll forever buy your hack solution to eyesight at massive profit margins for you.  You may breathe easy and keep collecting your money while doing nothing for improving society and remaining blissfully ignorant all at the same time.  What a winning combo.

Which feels like the theme for 2022, blissful ignorance.  Following the rules, the status quo, doing as they’re told, no matter how bizarrely comically unrealistic shared reality gets.

I’ll digress.  The other thing we’ve learned is that along with carefully curated ignorance, people certainly like to mob-style voice their corporate media fed opinions to anyone who may want to debate their third party adopted takes on any given topic.

Last thing we need, is that drooling mob to get upset that we’re not trying to sell them glasses.

I’ll die alone, won’t I.

Let’s leave this on a positive note, easy my favorite of the recent messages:

Shit works, kittehz.

Allez, mes enfants.  Enjoy some holiday things, see you in 2023.

– Jakey