It’s no secret.  Ole Jakey likes weird art.

And causing raised eyebrows and states of confusion, perhaps sprinkled in the occasional disbelief.

Making things accessible to the lowest common denominator, the pursuers of quick fixes and easy answers and oversimplifications?  Sure that probably what most people want.

 Just the steps please, Jake.  That’ll do nicely.

Less tempting, though.  

I’ll pay for art any day.  Weird, instructive, maybe not entirely necessary.

Endmyopia might never be the destination for the Instagram influencer audience.  Or the followers of Dr. Whosey-Whatsits, shoppers on his extensive online health supplements catalog.  Maybe one day somebody more determined will make an endmyopia that’s more focused on the practical and mundane.

Until then though, let the weird rule!  

Also go make some 20/20 gains.