Here’s a quick progress update from one of our supporting members.

It’s a nice summary of what’s possible.  If you are supporting endmyopia yourself with a membership, you can check out all of Suresh’ many previous posts and questions in the support forum.

Ya’ll be welcome.

The Facebook thread is here.

Now to be clear, Suresh did all the work.  There’s really no preening here on ye ole guru’s part to be done.  

Not that that’ll stop anyone, naturally.

Or also on the flipside, your favorite uncle Jakey takes a lot of sh*t from keyboard warriors on the Interwebs.  And I really mean, a lot.  Not just some.  

Here, this is one just literally from today:

This one goes on for too long actually, to fit into a screenshot.

It’s a mix of carefully placed formatting (very nice), a whole lot of personal attacks, and s*cking the d*ck of the Bates Method in the most exhibitionist way possible.  Dude really loves Bates, and really, really hates us not sharing his enthusiasm.

I mean … yes, that’s a normal day.  The loons have an easy target.

And yet all of this is somehow amusing and motivating all at the same time.  As long as somebody is annoyed, and others are making progress, it’s all worth it.

(more on Mr. Bates above in another post, possibly)

Go make some 20/20 gains.