Can Ayurveda improve your eyesight?  Or in a wider sense, the question ye ole guru gets a lot:  “Can I improve my eyesight just by eating stuff?”

Whether that’s vitamin pills or some far fetched pseudo-ancient wisdoms of herb things, anything to not face the simple reality of screen addiction and not having a life to actually go see.  

If you want to save the time, the answer is no.  Ayurveda doesn’t sh*t for your eyesight.  

And why would it? 

Here’s not why:

Go read the comment section, too.  It’s fairly epic.

Gasp Jake, why are you attacking India!  Teh Ayurvedaz is teh best!

I’m not saying I’m right here.  Maybe crushing up precisely five pieces of pepper and massaging your feet and putting rose water in your eye is exactly what you were missing to ‘cure’ your myopia.  Maybe.  Go forth and try it, report back with results.

If it works, we’ll add it to the ever expanding wisdoms of endmyopia.  Sort of like the Borg.  

Here’s dude man’s original video, from the dude who is all about selling the vitamin powders, and zero percent about looking at actual science or biology.

Behold, Ayurveda to improve eyesight, in “five steps”.  Guaranteed, even!

This is who people want to listen to.  I guess we get what we deserve.

Or Jake is delusional and should just get with the program.  Rose water and foot massages and crushed up pepper pieces.  Sell products, and sell people exactly the sort of fix they want to hear works, even if it’ll not do anything whatsoever.  

I know, I know.  Stirring the pot.  Mainly though let’s see what we can do to improve ourselves, the world, bits around us.  If it has to be with sarcasm or whatever limits our personalities impose, so be it.  If you’re going outside and seeing the world and smiling, it’s a win.

If you want to check out more of these various alternate approaches to improving eyesight, I have lots categorized under ‘questionable therapy’.  Enjoy!