Blue Blocking Glasses: WASTE OF MONEY

Blue blocking glasses can get all the way off my back. Blue isn't a problem, your screen addiction is.

Jake Steiner

Sep 01,2020 · 1 min read

Shots fired.

Blue blocking glasses, the next level of dumb sh*t for the average sheeple consumer.

Add it to the list of Coke Zero, salads at McDonalds, sugar-free-anything, and whatever else addiction-excuse marketing cooked up by corporate profit interests.

I won’t even write about it, again.  

If you’re thinking about blue blocking glasses, you’re letting your addict-brain make excuses for why the screen isn’t your actual problem:

What you need is less screen time.

Not sugar free Coke, not a pill for your high blood pressure, not antacids, and certainly not some imaginary evil part of the light spectrum to be removed from your endless media consumption.

For those who want to argue about this with me, realize that the guru-esque inclusive and considerate response is always the same: please f*ck off. 




Jake Steiner

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Topic:  Questionable Therapy

Questionable Therapy

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