Here’s a bit of a downer of a post for yee darlings.

Straight into it:

Let ole Jake tell you something.

Your favorite dear ‘medical’ establishment isn’t going to do f*ck-all for you, till you’ve got acute symptoms.  

They’re not going to help you prevent anything.

They’re not going to tell you, at the optometrist 12 years prior, “btw, these things will cause axial elongation, and axial elongation will eventually quite possibly delaminate your retina from your eyeball, and you will be f*cked”.  

Nope, none of that early words of wisdom.

These guys will do their best to fix the damage.  For sure.  And medical tech keeps advancing.  All great stuff.

Meanwhile though, above guy may never get to see his children’s faces, growing up.

And guy above, could be you.  Or someone you know.  Because this sh*t that we call ‘optometry’ today, is all about giving you the quick fix and a pat on the back, and somebody else is gonna break the bad news to you, if there will be bad news down the road.

Yee ole Jakey on the other hand, bad news up front.  

Because that’s how we roll.


Like I say in the video:  Whatever, I don’t care.  You do you.

And people say, but Jake.  You’re not a doctor.

To which I don’t say, but think … where did doctors learn what they know?  School, yea?  And where did the school get their knowledge from?  Some ancient f*cking wishing well?  The OG, original gangster-doctor of yore?  Some ancient spirit with a medical degree?

New and better ideas that go against old established dogma, against bad foundational principles, against a system rooted in profit rather than health, don’t originate from a dude who got a title from that very system.

Except the grandmaster title of, “wholey eye guru, aka Bearldy Sage, aka F*ck Off My Lawn, Kids”.  

This all might be duh-level of obvious, in 50 years.  They might teach those ‘doctors’ actually sane ideas, sometime in the future (or Google’s health AI, more likely – a ‘doctor’ person is going to be as old timey as a taxi driver – or DVDs in the mail, in just a short while).  

Or maybe we’ll all be in the Elon Musk singularity by then, and don’t need eyeballs.

In the meantime though, you got the grand quackery that is the optometry establishment, you got guys losing their vision for absolutely no good reason whatsoever – and you got an overfunded, mostly retired stock trader and hedonist on the other end, telling you to f*ck off (also to maybe just fix your eyes).

So there you go.  Choices abound.

Go make some 20/20 gains.