* sigh *

I’m not sure how many times I’ve said over the years, “don’t go using plus lenses, imagining you found some magical shortcut”.


I’ve said it here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and whatever else you can bring up in the search box.

So whatever.  Because people don’t listen anyways.

There we go.  Figure it out the hard way.

Seriously, at this point we have a giant Facebook group, a super nerdy forum, this site with over 1,200 articles (and a search function, oh whatever that is), endless YouTube rants and all the things anyone could possibly want.

You wouldn’t think it, by looking at the ole guru’s inbox.

The questions are always, always, always all the same recurring stuff.  

“My kid is diagnosed with myopia.  What can I do?”

“Bro.  Here’s my diopter.  What should I do?”

“Can I cure my eyes?”

“I tried xyz Internet unicorn farm.  It didn’t work.  WHY THO, BRO?!”

And on and on.  Basically all what’s in the FAQ – or now the Wiki, that somehow is an impenetrable fortress to all these wondrous people and their un-searchable questions.  

Maybe online searching is illegal in some countries?  

Who knows.  And of course, darlings, Jakey isn’t upset here at all.  Or even grumpy.  All I’m saying is that at this point, I’ve probably said it all before.  And all that’s left is to sit back and let all the recurring questions and learnings-of-the-hard-way scroll past the screen, and …


Go make some 20/20 gains.  Easy way, hard way, whichever way suits you best.

Also here, the latest video version on this ever-recurring plus lens inquiry.