Update: A week later, April 13th 2023.  David Gibson just has to keep going.  See updates below. 

In almost 20 years I’ve yet to ever have one single optometrist who disagrees with endmyopia, come properly debate vision science.

All they got is personal attacks. Example here, an innocent Quora question about astigmatism:

Quora Astigmatism Question

Various people answer the guys question.  That’s the point of Quora.

I throw in the endmyopia take on astigmatism: 

Quora Astigmatism Jake Steiner Answer

And then this optometrist, “David Gibson“, very randomly and for no apparent reason jumps into my answer with insults:

Quora Optometrist David Gibson Attacks

Why.  How.  What is he thinking?

What is wrong with these people?  Is he debating my answer, or making any constructive points?  No.  It’s childish personal attacks without any meaningful substance.  

My basically standard response to these optometrist attacks:

Update April 13th, David Gibson just keeps going:

This is literally after I posted links with evidence.  Zero counter arguments, just appeals to authority and nothing of any substance.  This is why you have myopia just going up and up, along with their profits.

Pointlessly, I repeat the facts:

Will this make any difference?

These people is what got me into making endmyopia in the first place. They still piss me off, being rude, ignorant, arrogant, and most importantly, wrong.  You take your kids to them, and your kids end up with a lifetime subscription to glasses.  That’s how it is.

And they do try to protect their margins.

Here is the original post asking about astigmatism on Quora, and David Gibson’s comments.  (update – appears Quora or David deleted his comment since)

David Gibson‘ certainly is far from the worst.  Or the only one.  There was Bill Otto the optometrist a while back, and my least favorite of them all, Por Yong Ming.  That one insists glasses don’t cause myopia, and that even -8 diopters is “fine and normal”. 

Check out my Quora profile and answers.   I’m not on there much, just the occasional popping in.  Since 2016!

We’re the 0.0000001% out there, talking about actual myopia science.  The rest is all ignorance and symptom treatment and zero inquisitiveness of actually fixing myopia without selling lifetime subscriptions.

– Jake