All right, it’s been a minute since ole Jakey has posted any 20/20 gains updates for you.

And of course as usual, we get lots of them, all the time.  We are after all the tallest mountain, the wholiest of wholiest, the most regal destination for vision improvements anywhere online.

Or offline.  Or pretty much as long as you don’t go to the optometrist to be sold glasses.  Let’s look at some gains stories!

First up ….

1.5 Diopters Improved Over 2 Years

I’ll just leave that without comments.  Next:

Alan: -6.50 To -3.50

What can I say.  You put in the work, you get out the gains.

Brenda: -2.00 To DMV Passed

Is there proof-ier proof than the government telling you that you’re fine to drive without corrective lenses?

Ruth: -2.75 To -1.00

Add it to the list.

Heidi: -6.75 To -4.75

How many thousands of these do we need exactly, till we cross over into “maybe this works”?

Mark: -6.00 To -4.00

It’s honestly my question.  Anecdotal, yes.  But how many anecdotes do we need?


I could make a whole separate category on just what one may consider “malpractice” if what the lens sellers were doing could be considered any sort of sane practice in the first place.

Lindsey: -7.00 To -4.50

Another short one, to the point.

I try to screenshot and drop these into a folder when I go through e-mail…  Plan was to catch up the whole folder today, but there are about 20 more to go and I’m thoroughly out of highlighting-size-reducing-image-exporting-posting time for the day.

The ongoing theme, your eyes are perfectly healthy.  Myopia is a made up thing, it’s just eye strain multiplied by (bad) symptom treatment.  Fixing it is as easy as using Jakey’s decade’s worth of free resources – or supporting endmyopia buying one of our awesome courses.  😉