Your most darling old eye guru is doing podcasts, being ridden by the endmyopia media team like a mule  rented at a staggering discount.

Take yesterday for example.  They made your favorite old Jakey be up at 9am for one episode (a special one actually with our special friend Brad Kearns – excited for that one), and didn’t let me be done till we finished the last interview at 10:30PM.  

Not very leisurely living at all, any of this.

You’d think a Jakey would be old enough at this point to park his graying beard on a pleasant yacht off the coast of Greece somewhere.  Indulge in some manner of mediterranean hedonist, retired-guru habits of illicit substances, with various enjoyable participants of dubious pasts and uncertain futures.  

But alas, not any of that.  Instead we’re finding ourselves upstanding and vaguely respectable, talking about eyeballs and how much we don’t need to lock them up behind glasses.

Which we did here, on Dr. Jen’s excellent podcast:

Hopefully you enjoy the episode (time stamps and more, here).  

Jen and Dom run a great show, you’ll find lots of interesting guests and topics.  Well worth a browse!

Stay tuned for more.