We had the great honor of being a guest on one of the all time great shows in health and nutrition:  The Primal Blueprint Podcast!

Primal Blueprint, of course the brainchild of Mark Sisson.  If you’ve been into educated food choices for a long time you likely recognize the name, and know about Mark’s original blog from back in the day.

Your favorite old bearded homeless man, aka the last of the living eye gurus, aka he-who-knows-little, aka Jake VonSteinerhausen, has been a long time reader of Mark’s Daily Apple.  Mark Sisson has contributed many great ideas to the conversation of food and health!

No surprise then that Mark’s podcast is in the top 1% of all podcasts (or even, top 0.5%).

That’s fancy stuff right there.

Of course we’re not audience snobs or measuring ourselves by numbers on a screen.  I love small shows and big shows, anywhere and everywhere with people interested in their own health, wanting to be better, not giving in to dogma and accountability-free living.

Shout-out to the amazing Brad Kearns for making this episode happen.  We’ve done Brad’s show as well, a podcast which definitely merits a spot on your podcast subscription list.   Have a look at his guest list for some excellent topics.  Great style and enthusiasm and questions, I always appreciate Brad’s flavor of interviews. 

And while you’re at it, check out some of our previous interviews on other podcasts.

It’s great to connect with fellow human biology enthusiasts, and validating that even the big shows take an interest in our message about better, natural eyesight.

Yay!  Hopefully you’re reading this while also making some 20/20 gains of your own.