Active Focus: It’s Natural

Active focus isn't some holy sauce invented by your equally wholey eyeguru.

Jake Steiner

Jan 19,2021 · 1 min read

Quick video on active focus, below

Tl;dw?  (too long, didn’t watch)

Short text version:  Active focus is a natural part of normal eyesight.  Even people who have 20/20 or better vision, sometimes get some blur.  Clearing up that blur is instinctively done, and an aspect of vision you tend to “forget about” when always wearing over-corrected lenses.

That’s endmyopia for you.  

No real new discoveries or earth shattering insights.  No actual sage bearded gurus.  

Merely demystifying, clarifying, explain-ifying things that are mostly known and explained by vision biology science.  Even if in some cases you may encounter various rants, terms that are clearly made up by us and in no way making us extra special or wise.

Active focus, one of these terms.  Just because the words may be new, the premise for sure is not:  

Jake, sounding squeaky today.

Of course there is also the whole active focus link list for further content on this topic.




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