Hello, darling meows.

Quick note for you, in case you’re the sort who comes visiting the site and finding yourself slightly disappointed at the lack of new articles.

Most of what’s happening on the daily is in the Le Meow forum, the Facebook group, podcasts, our YouTube channel, and possibly even the Discord server.  

Yes, more various place we’re all hanging out.

It’s in the plan to consolidate all the resources into a phone app so it’ll be slightly easier to get to everything from one place.  Of course though that costs money and takes time, the two things that we don’t have unlimited amounts of unfortunately.

But here.  For now, head over to the forum (join link), to check out the lengthy discussion about why clear flashes can happen with high myopia:

Theories abound!

You’ll note that I didn’t have a whole lot to say there.

As usual, yee darling eye guru is mainly focused on the simple, tangible bit of creating the most straightforward ways to get you out of those glasses, and away from myopia.  A great deal of ancillary discussion and theories, left to the larger community and bigger brains potentially.

I recommend these resources to keep you motivated and on track.  Just the occasional checking in, reading up, listening to a podcast episode.  Keep your brain fueled towards your 20/20 goals.