Much of the terminology around endmyopia has existed in the countless wind swept millennia before the Internet.  

Think temples and ruins of temples and ancient spiritual sacrifices.

Or not any of that, maybe just that we started with endmyopia before the Internet did take over the world.  Because of that (and because Jake’s lazy and disorganized) I haven’t necessarily put all of the terms we use here, in the FAQ.  Usually it’s when somebody asks, and I look, and it’s not there, that I end up adding it.

You do help shape and improve this resource, shed light into the many caves the old eyeguru built long before you arrived here.

(too much coffee this morning)


Pulling focus = Active focus during close-up.

Pushing focus = Active focus for distance vision.

If you prefer a longer, more in-depth explanation as to why and how this came about (and the psychological reasons these terms can be helpful) …  here’s a quick video for you:

Yes that is a face you can definitely trust.

Go forth and make some 20/20 gainzzz!