As we all know, active focus is the sticking point with getting started on reversing your pesky myopia.

Pesky, pesky myopia.

To that end we maintain an ever growing list of resources, explanations, experiences, and tricks on finding active focus.  

Bookmark that, if you’re still struggling.

Oh and hey, how about a little surprise improvement detour, before we talk active focus?

Here’s Annette for you:

She sure found all teh active focuszzz.

So on to the two recent recommendations:

Here’s Dave:

An interesting take.

Let’s just not call it passive focus, though.  No need to change key terms – just add to your experiences.

And here’s one from Deborah:

Good one, too.

There we have it.  

Keep on keeping on, with all the 20/20 gains.


-El Jaques