Quick updated list of what you can use to measure your eyesight, and keep a log.

iOS (iPhone X and newer)

The “Meow-sure Screen Distance” app. 

Full post on this app here in our Facebook group and here in the forum.  There is also a feature wishlist thread, here.


There is a community contributed open source Android measuring app.  

It’s supposed to work on these devices.

Also since it’s open source, here’s the source code.

And here is the full thread on the Android app in our Facebook group.


For everything about the Windows logging app – which is pretty fancy – you’ll need a (free) account to our forum.  Here is the thread including instructions and download link.


That’s right, no Mac, no Linux.  Jokes aside, we’re actually platform agnostic and most development is either some obscure rationale by the wholeyness the eye guru, or community contributions. 

Other tools and things, in the forum tool category.

As with everything here, this list may be outdated.  You might need to use the search function or perhaps check our Wiki for updates.