Emotions, darlings.

Emotions which may or may not run high, as you’re exploring your way through the wee maze that is endmyopia, and the biology of why and how your eyes are all out of tune.

Detuned by retail optometry.  Figuring that out may make you bit emotional.

And then there’s the journey.  Granted, ole uncle Jakey doesn’t exactly make it any easier than necessary.  If you’re doing it the DIY, freeloader, thanks-Jake-but-i’ll-just-take-your-labor-fruits-for-free approach, then I probably didn’t add satin pillows and VIP breadcrumbs to the discovery process.

Speaking of, there’s Le Rough Guide now, as a bit of an in-between (as of Nov 2019 anyway).   Not full on BackTo20/20 paid program, but also not total no-tips DIY blog style.   

(if above link doesn’t work, possibly the guide experiment may have been discontinued)

There’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes right now to adjust endmyopia to be a bit more easy to get into, more opportunities to make it easier to work on your eyeballs.

Speaking of more easy, you want to take it easy on the feels, too:

Your newly unqualified life coach.

It’s all a work in progress, just like your myopia reversal.

Just figure Jake is from a time before the Internets (the horror, amirite?).  Living in some off-grid snake infested jungle, pensively stabbing away at a barely working keyboard (because thanks Apple).  People going, “noooo Jake.  That’s not how you do it.  The Website should be like …. [some other way than what it is now].”

Le sigh.  

But we’re all in all of this together.  Share your progress and feedback (and yes sure, even your terrible design and UI ideas) in the forum and Facebook group.  

Feeling good and seeing 20/20.  We can do it!