Quick one today, a bit of participant perspective on how to find active focus.

As you probably know, active focus can be an elusive beast.  It’s difficult to explain, since the part of how to get there is an intangible, personal kind of experience.   To help with this, I compiled the active focus link list and in it, various individual explanations on what it means and how people found it for themselves.  

It’s usually some way of explaining it, that works for one person and not the next.

Since it is the key stimulus component to improve your eyesight, it is the one thing you definitely want to spend the time to figure out.

It’ll come.

And I always keep a proverbial eye out for new and interesting ways people find to explain their active focus discovery.

A particularly good one today, in the FB group:

If it works ….

Now ideally you’re not about to waste two years.

It’s actually not that common, and usually it’s more of a matter of days and not much more, to get active focus.  Sometimes though, it can be a bit of an extended journey.  The more you read, the more likely you are to get it right from the start!

Make sure to keep all of us posted on your gains, and interesting experiences.

Video version:

Sub for more of these in the future.