It’s time to give it up, kittehz.  Endmyopia haz failed.

Yes yes people will say, “but that’s Rebecca cutting her myopia in half”.

Doesn’t matter.  Half, still myopia.  Does Rebecca still wear glasses, I ask you.  Yes she does.  So what’s been accomplished?  Sure, some numbers.  And sure maybe if she keeps going like this, she won’t need glasses anymore.  Even if, darlings.  Even if.  It’ll still be internet-mewling and conspiracy-postulating and reddit-banning on how all this is fruitless.

Because it is.  Not having lenses between you and the world is very much a personal endeavor.  Nobody else will care, and those who do will just care long enough to disparage your efforts.

On the plus side, you might find yourself doing awesome new things and not giving a damn what people think about it.

Onward with the 20/20 gains!