Update February 2021:  It’s 90% cheaper to buy generic, if you’re just looking for the active ingredient of Vuity.

2) More side effect issues to consider, including potentially poor night vision.

The Vuity eye drops price is about 10 times higher than just buying the active ingredient.  

Watch, they’re about to tell you that one simple eye drop can make you forget about your reading glasses forever. Too good to be true, or just the miracles of modern medical science at work?

Your favorite and only eye guru Jake is the only one, as usual, to drop some truth on this whole Vuity story.

We’ll talk about the Vuity eye drops price, vs. a potentially easily available ‘generic’ alternative with the same active ingredient. Is it really worth the money, and do you want to subscribe to yet another prescription treatment?

Pilocarpine Is 90% Cheaper

In this video we will look at how pilocarpine (the active ingredient in Vuity) works and why you might be better off with either reading glasses – or really actually neither of those things potentially.

Ultimately it’s up to you, it’s another option to manage presbyopia, and whether it suits your needs only you can decide.

Cheaper, and maybe better.

At this point you’re probably unsurprised at the general theme of retail optometry and their machinations.  Any way to make your life more convenient, while getting you to subscribe to their symptom treatments, ideally at the most enormous profit margins possible.

Yes it’s just pilocarpine in a fancy new box.  Yes, the whole pupil constriction is really just a side effect of a glaucoma medication.  Yes it comes with side effects that should probably give you pause.

The official Vuity site: https://www.vuity.com

And for the guys selling Vuity: https://www.vuitypro.com/

Pricing:  Buy Generic?

So you’d be paying about $16 for a 10ml bottle of 1% pilocarpine, or $160 for two 5ml bottles of Vuity.  Active ingredient, 1.25% pilocarpine.  And the other active ingredient, a giant profit margin.  

Modern medicine is fascinating.  Lots of amazing advances are happening, things are being tried, and you’re always invited to partake in the latest product they sell.  Sometimes those products are great, sometimes they will even save your life.  Is Vuity one of those things, giving you potentially slightly better close-up vision for a few hours?

That’s for you to decide.

Other Vuity Side Effects

So we mentioned headaches and red eyes in the video.  Not ideal.

Another issue potentially is that your night vision could be seriously affect by these eye drops.  Since they close up your pupils, less light gets into your eyes, and if you plan on dealing with low light situations, or drive at night, or go to the movies, you’ll likely be stuck waiting out the 6-8 hours before the drops wear off.

Not ideal.  A few guys who tested these also reported that the beneficial effects are not all that noticeable – that’s something for you to try out though.

Better Options Than Vuity

You can control presbyopia development, to some degree.  You don’t really need eye drops or possibly even reading glasses in many cases.

We’ve dealt with thousands of people who have managed to successfully reduce their dependence on reading glasses, and experience lesser presbyopia symptoms.

Find out how Larissa reversed her own presbyopia, no medications required.  

And here’s an old video of me explaining some of the presbyopia basics.  

And here’s a very interesting one on neuroplasticity and presbyopia.

All in all, be cautious about these ‘subscription’ style of symptom treatments.  Ask if there’s an actual solution, a way to fix the underlying problem, or to manage the process in a way that doesn’t require expensive and ongoing treatment.

Of course this may mean a bit of digging outside of the usual answers provided by pharma and the medical establishment.