Ok, so this is confession time.

I really, really want to cover both more presbyopia talk, as well as more last diopter myopia reversing details.  Been super busy lately with actual work, while also trying to get get things crossed off the endmyopia to-do list.  High on that list is finally doing some podcast interviews for endmyopia to get us more attention, and also updating the very ailing code base of the BackTo20/20 member and session management code.  Yes nobody cares but also it’s like a building just waiting to fall on my head.

It’s hanging on by a thread, the entire system.  Years of patches and it’s in desperate need of updating.  And podcast hosts are about to un-invite me forever if I keep putting that off.  The list, darlings, it never ends with urgent issues.

So whatever.  Here’s a quick presbyopia member update by Larisa, as teased by the title:

Again.  Your eyes aren’t broken.

Until the old beard makes it to more presbyopia talk, just take this bit for your own exploration:

Presbyopia doesn’t have the same cause as myopia.  Yes it’s age, yes the lens hardens.  But also no it’s not like suddenly you become handicapped and can’t see things up close anymore.  It’s just slightly more challenging, and retail optometry takes this opportunity to sell you some glasses, to make you not ever have to challenge yourself.  Sliding off into old age, comfortably and whatnot.  I have a few posts on the presbyopia topic, kind of hidden in the blog.

If you’re not into the idea of fading into old age, resist getting reading glasses.  Use good ambient light, learn active focus, reduce (and eventually eliminate) the need for plus lenses.  It’s entirely feasible, your biology is FINE.  Aging isn’t mandatory tottering about with reading glasses.  

Put up the good fight, challenge your eyes, you’ll be just fine without the crutches.