Can we brag a little bit, kittehs?  No, not the post picture.  That’s just lacking creative ideas today.

Go ahead, Jake, you say.  Probably no worse than your Instagram.

So some days I’ve got the most awesomest e-mail inbox.  It’s been overcrowded one lately (since I managed to break myself with an especially dumb self experiment, lucidity to answer e-mails has been lacking).  But as I keep digging through the backlog, so much of what I read is like Christmas, over and over. 

Take a look at Mike’s story, as great example:


How cool??

Starts with a -4 in 2013, gets down to a -3, no high hopes for going even lower, but ends up with a -2 for his official eye exam, this year!  

Mike rocks.  He probably knows that he also reduced his risk for a whole host of other risky future vision deficiencies by a lot, and is helping to protect his accommodation range (no presbyopia, more likely!).   And of course, well on the way to no-glasses, full 20/20 gains!

Literally almost all of the e-mail backlog has been stories like this.  And inquiries from optometrists about participating.  And detailed suggestions on how to improve the Youtube bits (oh, and a version of one of the more popular vids, with full custom animation work!), and more progress reports from all over the world.  Here’s one from Akhil in India:


Great, right?  From India.  To the eye guru.  With Indian guru-apropos salutations!

Pranama (प्रणाम praṇāma) is a form of “respectful salutation” or “reverential bowing” before something, or another person – usually grandparents, parents, elders or teachers or someone deeply respected such as a deity. It is found in Indian culture.

Ok so maybe that part, unnecessary.  Call me Jake, please.  Manage expectations.

And since you probably prefer not to have to read a blog post that’s 40 miles long, we’ll just stop here.  It’s travel time for the next two weeks or so, though most likely that won’t affect posts here, and I’ll be checking up on the forum consistently as well.  

Keep up the great work, all of you darling eye gurus!