Made a quick veeeeeeeideo for ya’lls.

There we go.  You’re getting older.  But not too old to see things, my fellow darling kitteh.

Presbyopia as a topic isn’t really Ole Beardly’s jam.  

Still and regardless, over the years various things about presbyopia have been said.  Wisely.  Dignified-ly.  With equal amounts of regal gravitas and jovial insightfulness.

Shut up Jake, you’re thinking.

Ok then.  Also:

Why does ole Jakenstein keep doing all this?

Because you’re worth it.  Or because sometimes you just have to say something.  And you’re not following the media propaganda and having opinions about crap that 100% has no application to your actual life or happiness.  

You’ll not find Jakey sermonizing about this or that war or this or that vaccine or virus.  Don’t matter.  No tweets required.  

Here’s a tweet for ya:

This is the future.  All guru messages encoded in sarcasm.

Go forth and do you.  You, do you.  If that involves 20/20 gains, then good for you.  Also send me updates of your progress.