It’s been quite a while since we’ve done any flexing of the 20/20 gains.

Of smirking at the mainstream narrative of, you know.  “Mysterious” and “genetic”.

So let’s.  Flex ‘n smirk.

What is this, you say.  Eyesight improving?  

I know, I know.  Tall tales of far fetched far fetched-ness.  I won’t say that this isn’t another Internet scheme of wishful hopeful dreamers.  

Your favorite old collector of these tales used to have -5 diopter eyesight.  Now 20/20.  It’s all musings and conjectures, and individual journeys and experiments.  Be skeptically curious, do some research, note the twenty thousand members in our Facebook group and ninety thousand monthly page views in our private forum.

If anything, a lot of people are curious to not be dependent on corrective lenses, for life.  

Also add this one to our collection of opto confirmed gains

Go forth and … you know what I’m saying.