Lindsey: -7.00 To -4.75 Progress

On the way back to normal, from way too many diopters.

Jul 25,2021 · 2 min read

We haven’t done progress reports in forever.

We haven’t even done podcast episodes in forever.

A few interviews on other podcasts, that’s about the level of effort from ye ole bearded one.


Actually your favorite uncle Jakey has been feeling a bit repetitive over the intervening times.  Like it’s all been said, and so many times that it either has sunk in with people at this point, or it probably never will.  Right?

Anyway, progress report:

That does make me happy, though.

Also we are always working on something.  Right now it’s a bit of an animated video series.  Don’t ask me why, since the last think I hope to do is appeal to the lowest common denominator of a potential audience out there.  But maybe less rambles, less of Jake-face, try something new.

There’s also the various apps that are still being worked on that I need to spend time sorting out.

And daily always behind the scenes, our forum and all the various community conversations.

So that’s it here for a bit of an update.  If ever you find things lacking or want to drop a line or otherwise offer feedback, know that I read all e-mails and also check in on the forum most days.  I’m definitely here and I definitely like to know what you’re thinking and up to and what you’re looking for from my side.




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