‘Ello kittehz.

Remember when we used to post regular gains updates?  Them were the days!

Lately it’s all been boring tech bug fixes and working on endmyopia version 2 (to be released sometime in the next decade) and generally not doing anything update-y here.

But here’s one for you anyway, from the daily guru inbox:

vision improvement update

I send out how-you-doin’ e-mails every six months or so.  That’s where a lot of these vision improvement updates are from.  There are a hundred more I haven’t posted, maybe we’ll sort of get back on that.

Ebb and flow on Jakey’s end, with endmyopia being a super long term sort of project.

Also exploring a clinical study and the whole version 2 thing.  You can generally find me in our private forum for more regular comments and musings, most days.  Lifetime membership is included with any (paid) course or program.