No major Beardly pontifications today, perhaps.  

Other than Facebook somehow turned on chats in our endmyopia group.  Which, holy crap, instantly it’s like an onslaught of Zombie-esque levels of nonsensical ideas and claims and entirely illogical assumptions flooding in.  Like back when some people turned on a discord server for endmyopia and your favorite ole Jakey instantly figured out there was no sense in partaking in that style of communication.

I want to say, do some basic searching and reading.  Not stream of random people’s consciousness.  Or really just, turn all that sh*t off entirely.  Chat room style things, very much not the format for this topic. 

First Step: Learn To Research (Efficiently)

The flaw though in what we have now is clear.  Human nature, wanting a human nature style of interaction.  Ask a question, get an answer.  Not type-in-a-search-box, read a pile of content, try to divine some answer from all of that.  It’s not very intuitive or direct, and especially the less motivated or intellectually gifted (or language limited), the more likely to grasp at straws.

Some of the recurring themes I noticed in the chat, people thinking extra ocular muscles have anything to do with myopia (they don’t) or somehow stuffing some kind of food or pill in your face will fix or cause myopia (it doesn’t), or xyz eye exercise method making a difference (it won’t).

 I get it.  When researching various health or biology topics, I see how annoying it is to dig through mountains of often false information, just to get an answer.  Or even just to figure out if the destination even has meaningful answers.  

It’s a swamp.  Ole Jakey be empathizing with you.

Here’s a 20/20 gains progress update:

Actually your best bet is to start with the 7 day guide.  

It’s free, there is no cliffhanger-pay-for-it catch, it’s been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times over the past decade.  It’s been the starting point for so many people to get their eyes back.  I made it for you, I run the e-mail server, I even turned it into a free course.  That’s a lot of stuff I created to make these ideas discoverable and usable.  

Know Who (Doesn’t) Tell The Truth

Or even just going to Google Scholar and typing in “pseudomyopia” and “lens induced myopia“. 

Those two terms, in the context of peer reviewed science will show you in a matter of minutes that all of retail optometry is #1 lying to you (very boldly no less) and #2 causing your progressing myopia.  And being described in professional literature as negligent.  So once you got to that point, figure where you learned it, and then go to the 7 day guide.  In itself it is a useful tool to guide you through the key parts you really want to learn, before considering messing with your eyeballs in any way.

And from there, learn to self measure.  Make sense of your own diopters.  And then a ways down the road send me an e-mail (like above) to let me know how you’re doing.

You’ll do great.  Hopefully.