How Long To Get From -2.25 D To No-Glasses 20/20?

"How fast can I improve my eyesight?"  Jake.  Tell me, tell me now!In the top 5 of most common questions, no doubt.  And while[...]

Jake Steiner

Aug 01,2016 · 2 min read

“How fast can I improve my eyesight?”  Jake.  Tell me, tell me now!

In the top 5 of most common questions, no doubt.  And while I can fully appreciate the sense of urgency, I would be doing you a disservice by not telling you what you actually should really know.  More on that, in a moment.

Adele asks in the forum:


There it is, the “how fast” question.

Btw, notice how things are getting nicer, bit by bit, in the forum?  We’ve got the centimeter charts happening with more students, we have the extra signature space for notes on lenses, and profile pictures.  (That’s the secret to all success with everything, don’t be too hard on yourself, just keep improving.  A little bit at a time!)

Here’s the important thing I tell Adele, that should also matter to you:


Get it?

Every diopter you drop, is a new experience.  The world gets a little clearer, a little sharper, a little more natural.  You can do more things with less diopters and with that, you get a whole new sense of being in control.  

Imagine, you are beating an “incurable” illness, all by yourself.  You’re getting your own eyes back, something everybody told you was impossible.  You’re your own eye guru, a pioneer, ahead of most modern optometry medical science, doing things that 99.9999% of myopes never even dream about .  (yea that last part, you being part of 0.0001%, the tiny percentage, that’s my fault indeed)

Every step is a win.  You’d miss out on most of the stories and experiences, if you took a helicopter up to the peak of Mt Everest.  Cliche, yes.  But still, it is the journey.

Get those gains, keep that log!


Noticing more logs pop up with new students.  Above, Tim’s log.  Nice work!

And if you are here still asking, “but how fast can I improve, Jaaaaake”, then the answer, in specific diopter numbers and time frames, is here, in:  How Fast Can I Improve My Eyesight.





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