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High Myopia Measuring Tool: Nate Tweaks The Diopter Tape

Our darling Facebook group gets the occasional brilliant post.

Or maybe it’s quite a few, though it does get its fair share of repeating newbie questions.  Pro tip:  If you want to make it into the group, answer all the join questions – I’ve been getting quite strict about not letting riff-raff into the group, lately.

Here’s Nate’s high diopter tape tweak:

Psychology might matter.

To download your own (free) diopter ruler, courtesy of uncle Jake, or various awesome eye charts, also free and also courtesy of the beardly sage, check out the charts link.

There’s a bunch of other great stuff in the group, like Sean’s mountain view for active focus, or Benal’s improvement video going from a -7.00 to -4.75 in two months.  

Stop by, say hi, share your 20/20 gains with us!



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