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Alex: From -3.75 To Passing DMV Vision Test

Another podcast style episode today.

But first, a tiny moment of celebration.  Our darling Facebook group has hit 16.000 members!

That’s with me admitting about 50% of new member requests (lots of people are too lazy to properly answer the join questions).  And no promotion or advertising or any sort of specific efforts to promote the group.

Look at all the darling participants!

The word is spreading.

Of course there’s also the Le Meow forum, which also continues growing.

With that we have a whole lot of improvement reports, way more than I’m able to keep updating here on the site.  Of course lately I’m all fixated on capturing more updates on video which means also having to reach out and schedule things and be in a place that’s quiet and has decent Internet, to record good chats.

Biting off more than is reasonable, kind of par for the course with all things ole Beardly likes to do.

So let’s have a look at Alex and his great strides at reversing his lens dependence:

Well done.

For the full playlist of all recorded video improvement reports to date, see here.

Keep making those 20/20 gains!



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