Hi, I’m Jake Steiner.

This picture a decade ago, would have been me with glasses.

These days I don’t need any corrective lenses.  I entirely eliminated my -5 diopter myopia, and in the past decade I’ve helped over 1.2 million myopes reduce their dependence on corrective lenses.  

*Disclaimer:  We’re not talking prescriptions or medical advice here.  This entire site is based on the (scientifically validated) premise that myopia is simply a refractive state.  Not an illness, ‘condition’, or ‘error’.  Much of the rationale you’ll find here is based on the reality that glasses do little more than create customers for a 100 billion dollar a year consumer business, in no way addressing the cause of your (reversible) myopia.


I don’t recommend eye exercises or complicated regimens.  (those never work).  Instead, I help you identify eyesight damaging habits, and show you ways to correct those habits 

I show you how to fix your own eyesight.  I explain the science behind every habit change and activity, and give you the tools to quantify your own progress.

I give away 90% of my material for free.  (see the blog).  What you can learn from me for free beats 99% of anything else out there, worth learning about eyesight.

First thing on your mind now probably, is
“Should I Trust This Guy?”  

(No, is the short answer).  Forget about Jake for a moment.  Jakey is irrelevant.  Start with looking at myopia causes and critical exploration of retail optometry vs. clinical science.  That’s what you really need here:  Critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, and a desire to get your eyesight back.  

From there, whether the old eye guru is the right guide for you, you can decide that after you understand your eyes properly.



I am (or try to not be so much anymore) in finance, trading and investing.  Right place, right time, I managed to cash out and sort-of retire early.

But my eyes were in terrible shape.  14 hours a day, seven days a week for years and years really killed my vision.  I had all the time and money in the world, but every day was depressing nonetheless.  My optometrist said I needed an even higher prescription.

My myopia started in my early teens.  I really believe that it was the root cause of all sorts of awkwardness that followed me around like a raincloud all through my high school years.  Every year I could see less without glasses.  Sports became a non-starter.  My eyes were too dry for contact lenses.  And I didn’t have much of a sense of style, so I looked exactly like the sort of nerd just asking to be bullied.

Just look at this guy!


Not the best look ever.

Sadly back then there was no Google Scholar, to start researching the problem.

Today we live in a different world.  The best science and countless studies are a few clicks away.  You can put together all the pieces to understand what caused your myopia, and start considering ways to reverse it.  You no longer have to take anyone’s word for your condition – not the optometrist’s and not mine, either.

Here’s what might give you pause, though.  Your optometrist probably wears glasses.  Whereas your soon to be favorite eye guru has perfect 20/20 vision.  Whose advice is more relevant?


Actual Natural 20/20 Vision

Many mainstream optometrists still sell you that this is impossible.  And yet, here we are, successfully reducing and even eliminating our myopia.

Back to the original story, all those years back.  The optometrist told me that a -5.00 prescription increase should give me my night vision back.  The usual no real answers, just more prescriptions.  At that exact moment, I decided I’d had enough of the lack of answers.  I would take all my analytical skills I learned in the finance world, and tackle the myopia problem, from the bottom up.

So I spent the next decade learning, traveling the world, meeting experts, testing ideas .. and amazingly, getting my eyesight back.  Yea, it does sound a little like a late night informercial.  

And still, what was then a personal journey turned into helping friends, turned into helping their friends, and eventually a whole new career.  Without having planned or even seen it coming, people started calling me the “eye guru”, and coming to see me from all corners of the globe.  (you can also stalk my casual Instagram for more of the extraneous Jake-bits)

Here’s one more important thing you need to know about me:

I’m not in any way “practicing medicine”.  Not even holistic or any other kind.  In the sense that we understand the term, we refer to a very specific and regulated profession which deals with treating illness.  This site isn’t at all about treating illness.  The very core premise of #endmyopia is that your eyes are not in any way ill, or broken.  There is nothing to treat, or to cure.  All we look at here is changing the refractive state of your eyes.  

Because of this you might instead think of me as just a weird dude on the Internet, rather than an optometrist or doctor.  Or of course feel free to refer to me as darling eye guru, which won’t hurt for flattery points.

  @Endmyopia: Why Do It?
A Look At Jakey’s Sinister Motives

The money, obviously.  ;) 

But seriously (more about money in a moment).   First and mainly, when we see something wrong, we should do something about it.  I’m seeing kids growing up behind glasses, including friends and family.  I see and I think it’s wrong.

It’s staring us right in the face, the massive irony of glasses.  You think you don’t mind them.  That is possible a large common thread fallacy that limits you in so many ways.  Accepting failure and blur and them telling you that you’ve got to rent your eyesight from retail glasses shops.  Really, you don’t mind having your eyesight handicapped, for life?  You don’t mind seeing nothing but blur, on your own?

Fighting back against myopia is taking back more than just your eyesight.  You are living in a blurry haze of learned helplessness right now (if you don’t know the term, seriously look it up – it’s ruining your life and you don’t even know it).  

Tackle myopia and with it, stop accepting a whole lot of other learned helpless type behaviors.  You might stop accepting authority blindly (heh) as well as physical handicaps, and also nonsensical establishment explanations.  You’ll wind up a better you, having wiped the fake blur from your eyes.

Why So Many People Come Here To Get Back To 20/20

I’m not trying to sell you some eye exercise scheme or magical eye drops.  I haven’t gone fully delusional about channeling some dead optometrist guy from a hundred years ago, claiming that some long lost face palming regimen will somehow and mysteriously address axial elongation of your eyeballs.

What I am going to try to help you with, is addressing the parts of your lifestyle that is messing up your distance vision.  Habit changes.  Understand what’s going on first, and then find good ways to address the bad habits.

Most importantly, I don’t provide the sort of knowledge that you’ll nod your head to, feel better for a moment, but then never actually do anything about (looking at you, world of self help books).  Your path when working with endmyopia, means taking action.  I teach you everything you need to know about your eyes, while helping you to address lifestyle problems causing your myopia.

This makes your new favorite darling Jake mostly unique in this whole murky arena of online vision improvement talk.

Uniquely credible.

You probably also notice the occasional shenanigans in the blog.

I’m quite allergic to ‘gurus’, ‘natural doctors’, and all the various genres trying to milk some kind of default trust based on a fancy (and probably delusional) title.  I don’t want you to trust me because of a title (or a gloriously conditioned beard even).  I’m not trying to attract those who follow every health fad.  I’m as much of a skeptic and likely to roll my eyes at all the Internet unicorn farmers – and you’ll likely notice this from much of my writing on the site.

Be skeptical.  Read the science.  Question the science.  Question Jake, and most importantly, question your mainstream optometrist and the whole tale of ‘genetic myopia’.  Besides Jake there is a whole lot of eye exercise and eye vitamin nonsense online.   You have to be skeptical to ever find any truth.

You Don’t Need To Spend Your Life Behind Glasses.

I’m who you come to see whenever you are finally sick and tired of more glasses, higher “prescriptions”, and absolutely no answers from the optometrist.

It’s a world of chain store optic shops that are little more than prescription mills.  They’ll sell you something, and they really have all the tricks to make sure that your eyes will at least appear to need their product.

Ready for an ugly truth?  Your first prescription, remember it?  Way back when?

It turns out that it perhaps totally wasn’t necessary.

Back then you had what medical science often refers to as “pseudo myopia“, or “NITM” (near induced transient myopia).  It was a focusing muscle spasm.  Too much time in the books, in front of video games, TV.  Too much indoors, dark rooms, nose close to the pages or screens.  Back then it was just a little focusing muscle problem.

Don’t worry though.  I’m not going to unveil some miracle quick fix, here.

Because today your eyes aren’t NITM anymore.  Now they are lens-induced, progressive myopic.

And that’s a real problem.

One of the leading causes of blindness is retinal detachment, and retinal detachment risk increases by 400% even for mild myopia.  You don’t want to know how much it increases for high myopia (over -5 diopters).  I won’t tell you, just to not freak you out.

Or maybe I will.  It’s a 10-fold increase.  And that’s not to mention the precursors or lattice degeneration.  Ever had “floaters”?  Little bright spots?

Those are the first signs of “close to screwed”.

A lot of that can be sorted out.  If you get on it, not “later, soon, tomorrow”, you can likely still reverse a lot of those trends.  I’ve had good success with a whole lot of high myopes over the years.  Understanding the science behind eyesight and taking action, that’s the key to getting your eyes back.

There’s no need for questionable “eye vitamins”, or all the pointless eye exercise nonsense being sold online.  Don’t trust anything that doesn’t refer to clinical studies and proper scientific evidence.

The Answers To 20/20 Eyesight Are In Clinical Science Journals.

You’ll find years and years of articles in the blog, with more than a few references to clinical studies.  There are also thousands of posts in the support forum.

I’m not an optometrist, fortunately.  I’m free to speak my mind, without fear of repercussion from some certifying board, or peers locked into dogma, profit motives, and outdated views on holistic vision health.

They tell you that you are genetically deficient, that you are broken, and then they sell you things.  Is this worth questioning?

It’s always good to know when you are being sold something, rather than given medical advice (without the profit motive).

Warning about the Jake:  It’s an ironic twist of fate, that I found this method and (like a slow boiled frog) built the @endmyopia resource.  I am the furthest you could imagine from a credible and serious vision guide or guru (the guru thing, because of exactly this, is a bit of an inside joke).  

I’m hugely politically incorrect, I don’t fit well into polite society.  I’m also a total introvert, and I tend to just say what I think, oblivious of consequences.  You might find this in some of my writing.  Just think “rainman of the eyeballs”, not his fault.  

Also, there is a paid option to my advice, a structured course with forum access and my direct support.  That part, while not available directly from the site, isn’t free, or even cheap.  Some people get upset about this.   Know this: I put everything you really need up for free in the blog.  Participating in BackTo20/20, my natural myopia control study and structured program, is entirely optional (and by invite only, anyway).  

I just want you to know all this, going in.  I did reverse 5 diopters of myopia, and I do help thousands to do the same.  As long as you don’t expect me to be Oprah, you’ll be all right!

Financial Disclaimer:  I own stock in a number of lens manufacturing companies.  Why?  I know myopia as a profit industry better than most.   I see where things are going, and it’s a good investment betting against humanity’s future vision health.  Unfortunately the lens stock holdings make me a lot more money than this site ever could.  

Yes, I’m betting both sides.  I’m making lots of money on people who ignore my myopia advice.  I’m also minimizing karma loss by offering education and a way out of the vicious lens cycle, and you can optionally pay me to help you.  Or you can pay the optometrist, who buys the lenses, which drives up my stock portfolio.

You’re a dark, cynical bastard, Jake, you say.  And you’re right.  

I suggest you learn about myopia and get your eyes back.  You’ll be a whole lot happier later, if you invest a bit of time to learn today. 

Or keep making me those sweet, sweet lens stock gains. 


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