Meow has been going on for years here on the blog, entirely unexplained.

If you’ve been reading here long enough you already know that mystery abounds.  Imaginary beards, the entire eye guru premise, alternating between serious science discussion and more definitely unhinged (but surely amusing) rant posts.  

And all the high quality blog pictures.

Pretty reasonable.

Why all the strange bits?  Because at the end of the day I do want to help you find answers to your myopia challenge – but then also at least 50% of this whole project is just for Jakey’s self amusement.  I procrastinate from my real work (finance) in the morning with an hour or two of endmyopia.  Making weird Photoshops and writing a rant filled blog.

That’s why ‘meow’ has been unexplained.  It’s funny to the guru, which is really what matters.

But also you might as well get some key Zeitgeist insights and be part of the inside joke while you’re already at it, reading here regularly.  Because meow really is pretty funny if you know the context (and if your sense of humor is of the worthwhile variety).  

So then.

Super Troopers, Of Course

As explained in the Facebook group the other day:


Yes, Super Troopers, the movie.

Meow, not in any way about cats.  Also not to be confused with the kitteh references, which is obviously another thing entirely.

Never trust a guy who really likes cats.

So there you have it.  

Bonus points for sneaking in the odd meow reference in random comments or Facebook posts or Youtube comments or e-mails.  Secret handshake, inside jokes.  Know who’s who.