Yay, you made it! :)

7 days worth of deep dive into your eyesight.  Congrats on completing that introduction.

Hopefully it was fascinating and inspiring even though your darling host and beardly guru isn’t so great at writing (or video).  You probably had to deal with a fair bit of rambles and inelegantly presented explanations.  And yet, here you are!

All Guide Pages:  If you want to revisit the whole 7 day guide, here’s the link to all days.

Active Focus Link List:  And here’s the link to the page with all the Active Focus articles.  Well worth bookmarking  that one.

I’m also doing a bit of saying hello to new possibly-participants via our private forum, Le Meow.  So if you’re maybe a bit shy or reticent about forum and people online but don’t want to go all solo and lone wolf on a myopia reversal project …. a good place to start is typing up a quick little introduction in Le Meow.  I check in regularly and say hi in response to introductions, often!

The Private Forum:  To get access to the free forum, all you need to do is pass a simple quiz – should be easy based on the 7 day crash course you just completed.

And while I don’t offer diopter specific advice (that’s part of your own discovery process), it can be nice to take the edge off knowing  that there are many fellow darlings on the same journey.  Getting rid of myopia can be fun and inspiring and a gateway to all sorts of new outdoor hobbies and experiences!

20/20 Success Reports:  Also for some inspiration, check out some of the improvement reports from participants who made all the way back to 20/20 already (or super close anyway).

Plus we have quite a few explainers and how-to’s in video format.

4 Steps To Better Eyesight:  In case you missed the grand summary of all the things, that’s probably the place to start with video content:

And yes, ramblings.

The whole endmyopia channel has a few goodies that may be worth looking at.

BackTo20/20 Program:  Lastly of course, there is the paid program.  No link to buy on the site since I don’t always run it, plus people get annoyed when they click things and it says “no more invites available”.  You don’t need to pay anyway since I spent thousands of hours on the free content – which should be all you need.

If invites are available, the system will automatically send it to you.  From there you can explore that option further and see whether you want DIY or structured approach with my direct support*.

Facebook Group & More Links:  Best thing to do is join our Facebook group (or Le Meow, or both even!) and get to reading the how-to guides and videos and revisiting the e-mail series and of course checking out the FAQ.  There’s a bit of a learning curve but once you ‘got it’ all, actual improvement is basically autopilot and without much time or additional effort required.

And of course most importantly, keep me appraised of your progress!  ;)




*Whenever I have availability to offer support and run the program, I add invites to the system, and it then takes care of sending them out.  Love to work with participants in the program, please be patient with me if I don’t have availability at any given moment.