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How To Guides.  There’s BackTo20/20, the exclusive lair of Jake’s personal students working on their eyesight.  And then there are the free guides, available to all readers, right here on @endmyopia.  So whether you prefer DIY, or don’t want to enable Jake by funding his debaucherous lifestyle, or are just dabbling, this section is for you.

A decade of eye guru experience, in hundreds of individual guide posts, many with student examples, all here in this section.  Dive right in!

Troubleshooting: Help With Making 20/20 Gains

It's perfectly normal to get off track sometimes, while working on re-tuning your darling eyeballs. I have a whole troubleshooting playlist to help, on our Tubes. It's by no means exhaustive, but often a good starting point to find what may be slowing you down. Always start at the beginning when getting into things like this, take your time, learn the basics, save a lot of time in the long run. This one, mainly if you think you're doing everything [...]

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Close-Up Strain Awareness: Game Changer!

Close-up eyesight strain awareness is a game changer. It's meaningless till you experience it first hand. And once you do, you're far less likely to go back to unaware bad habits of endless screen staring. It's all the pretty simple but key steps towards removing yourself from the vicious circle of lens subscriptions. Below, part of a support forum post in BackTo20/20, discussing the revelation of taking breaks and effects on eyesight.  Quite awesome to have these experience first hand, [...]

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Why not reduce a little CYL with each SPH?

Q&A: "Why Not Reduce Cylinder With Each Spherical Reduction?" Short answer, no you should not make too many cylinder reductions. Tends to not work out well. Also admittedly an old beard has been spending way less time for a while, talking shop. Eyeball tuning shop, that is. Been quite distracted with behind the scenes, from improving the site, to adding more courses, dealing with personal curiosities like chat bots, starting a bit of a podcast, and so much other stuff. [...]

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Why You Need Glasses: A Lesson In Biology

Glasses are a very simple, cheap, and immediate fix to your nearsightedness. Go to the optometrist, get measured, pick a pair of frames, wait an hour, your nearsightedness is sorted.  You just put them on, the problem goes away. But what is actually happening there? And perhaps more importantly, why is it that once you get that quick fix, that your eyes start getting 'worse and worse'? Here's a 4 minute, definitive explainer of what goes on, and why those [...]

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Is Your Phone Killing Your Vision Improvement?

As you may know, your favorite old timey eye guru, uncle VanderJakenhausen Le Third, lives in an off-grid jungle. You know where my phone is right now? Right.  I don't either.  Somewhere in the house.  Maybe near the charger.  I do use it to tether to tenuous 3G Internet to make you these posts and videos, so it's definitely on and definitely probably somewhere.   Where it's for sure not though, is in my pocket. It's nearly never in my [...]

More Active Focus Tips (From The Group)

As we all know, active focus is the sticking point with getting started on reversing your pesky myopia. Pesky, pesky myopia. To that end we maintain an ever growing list of resources, explanations, experiences, and tricks on finding active focus.   Bookmark that, if you're still struggling. Oh and hey, how about a little surprise improvement detour, before we talk active focus? Here's Annette for you: She sure found all teh active focuszzz. So on to the two recent recommendations: [...]

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