New day, new quality content in the vaunted halls of the endmyopia library.

A bit of a treat this one, having a chat with an optometrist who’s gone way, way outside of the box of being a lens-seller and upholding the old timey “it must be genetic” myopia dogma.

While we don’t necessarily share all the same ideas and approaches as today’s guest on Le Podcast, it is nonetheless fascinating to have a talk with an open minded optometrist.  It takes a motivated individual to look past the fence of doctrine, and even more so to come chat with us, here in the jungles of vision biology science.

Definitely check out this episode, with Dr. Julie Steinhauer, OD:

Interesting, right?

We have a few more of these in the pipeline, going all research science, and also practitioner and insider of the industry in various upcoming episodes.  

Keep making all the 20/20 gains!