Notice: This post is at least 60% an excuse to buy toys.  If your wallet is already huffing and puffing this next story might be the one to skip reading.

Good news.  Finally a post not about another 20/20 gains progress report.  

Seriously, you are so spoiled.  We are so spoiled.  Even I literally sometimes groan, looking at the folder of vision improvement reports.  I love them, they’re amazing, they’re 95% of what keeps me going creating these free resources for you.  And yet … there are just so many of them to try to post!

Which is why that’s not what we’re doing today.

Today we’ve got a video of dear uncle Jake justifying buying expensive toys all in the name of some vision improvement practice:

Picked out the very most flattering still shot.

Remember why you’re improving your eyesight.

This isn’t some vanity project.  You’re not just trying to put numbers in a spreadsheet.  You want to actually see the world, which means of course the mechanics of vision improvement – but also tweaking your life towards actually living.  Away from screens and towards being outside and getting closer to adventures.  

Small adventures are a great start and often a gateway to bigger adventures.

You go get some 20/20 gains right meow!  (and yes, do send me  – or post on FB – your progress reports)