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Behind The Scenes.  Highly professional outfit that @endmyopia is, behind the scenes is all entirely sanctionable, appropriate, and educationally valuable content.

Or not any of that.  We take no responsibility for what you may find in this section.  (nor anywhere else, really … Jake is any PR professional’s amused nightmare)

Endmyopia Exposed In One Star Review: Just A Brain Trick

I'd be remiss not to share with you all of the various less than stellar opinions about the bearded sage, out there in Internet land. Because just the glowing positive, that's suspicious.  I'd be suspicious.  Where's the dirt?  Where did Jakey bury the hookers?  What his connection to JFK and why don't we ever hear more about all those late night excursions the man makes whenst visiting Bangkok? There were no ladyboys involved.  You stop it, with the salacious rumors. [...]

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Rachel: The Power Of Emotions (Risky Topic!)

Don't discount the power of emotions in your journey to improving eyesight. Yes, an old eye guru scoffs at this sort of thing from time to time.  And that's not because emotions aren't important - but rather because first you have to understand primary causality, biology, and science.  You need to look at factors that can be quantified and scientifically validated.  You need to train yourself to think critically and logically when dealing with self improvement.  Otherwise you're at risk [...]

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What MEOW Means – Finally Revealed

Meow has been going on for years here on the blog, entirely unexplained. If you've been reading here long enough you already know that mystery abounds.  Imaginary beards, the entire eye guru premise, alternating between serious science discussion and more definitely unhinged (but surely amusing) rant posts.   And all the high quality blog pictures. Pretty reasonable. Why all the strange bits?  Because at the end of the day I do want to help you find answers to your myopia [...]

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Most Illustrious Myopia Group On All The Facebooks

Time for a quick flexing on the everybody (who still perpetuate the old timey myopia boogey man story). Our Facebook group has been growing at a really consistent pace, at 20+ new members most days.  And that includes all the culling of likely fake/troll/side accounts, and all the banning of those plzzz-help-plzzz types.  The latter hopefully to prevent bringing the conversation down to pre-kinderarten levels. Jake, give ur toyz plzzz! No advertising or promotion either, just organic growth from this [...]

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The Four Hour Eyeball (NEW BOOK!)

Darlings. I want you to know about what goes on behind the scenes here at endmyopia, at least once in a while.  The relative amount of people who at least figuratively aren't short sighted is very small, and while we're the 'biggest' in our arena, in the scheme of things it's a tiny, tiny thing. For now.   And since it's tiny, it's also quite personal.  I read your e-mails, I follow your Facebook threads, I even face thoughts of [...]

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Off-Topic: The Guru’s Old Walking Stick

Off-topic randomness, of the potential consequences of starting to see the world more clearly. Myopia control.  It creeps into your life, becoming less short sighted. First you just learn things about vision biology and optics and the difference between lazy (but profitable) symptom treatment, and actual health.  About so-called medicine, vs. science. Then you start making 20/20 gains.  Making small habit changes.  And really what it boils down to after you get through the basic learning curve, is fixing your screen [...]

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