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Behind The Scenes.  Highly professional outfit that @endmyopia is, behind the scenes is all entirely sanctionable, appropriate, and educationally valuable content.

Or not any of that.  We take no responsibility for what you may find in this section.  (nor anywhere else, really … Jake is any PR professional’s amused nightmare)

Choosing Normalized Diopters

Today, a quick video discussing how you might find a good normalized diopter compromise.  There are quite a few videos in our YouTube channel that I haven't reposted here, it's worth subscribing there in case I miss sharing new content here. Normalized diopter talk: Not in a very video mood, this guru. It does all boil down to personal preference and suiting your scenario and lifestyle.  The more you measure, the more you actively take part in your visual [...]

Gerli: “Optometrist Says I’ll Go Blind?!!”

Quiiiick one today, kittehz.  20/20 gains updates. This one, also available in video-rant format: Going there. And of course here is the text-rant version. First up, our headliner: Not sure of the fear mongering backstory on this one. Will leave this one for you to ponder. And here's a good one, exactly how I'd say one should approach the mystical forests of endmyopia: Test all teh thingz! Another great one, tactically practically almost back to 20/20: Almost no more [...]

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Measure Your Myopia & Improvements (Android & Windows)

Quick heads up for you here, if you're looking for logging and measuring tools: There's a fair bit of community based development going on, building tools to help realize your lofty back to 20/20 vision aspirations.   This is all community work, meaning that you're not having to pay for these things - and consequently also, there's no guarantees or definitive support or anything besides use-at-your-own-peril. Peril, kittehz. Depending on how these things evolve we may eventually go for official [...]

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Bill Otto: Endmyopia Is A Disinformation Site

Oh-oh.  Your favorite darling eye guru is having a high blood pressure moment. This is about to turn into a full on yikes-rant-fest, darlings. So please do join me here today on the darling endmyopia bloglet, fellow darling non-believer in 'genetic myopia'.  Pull up a comfy chair and let's together explore how a certain conspiracy theorist by the seemingly non-consequential name of Bill Otto has managed to somewhat annoy Otherwise Dignified VonJakensteen. And for today we won't even go on [...]

Reversing Years Of Blur Adaptation: The Le Meow Forum

I really do fail to ever mention what is definitely one of our best community resources.   So let me say it here:  We have a pretty fantastic forum.  All kinds of in depth discussion about vision related topics.  Once you log in there, it's easy to get entirely consumed by reading threads and updates and being generally amazed at how much is being done with the resources from endmyopia. But do you hear about the forum at all here, [...]

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Is Endmyopia All About Making Money?

Let's talk about an issue sometimes brought up online, on why endmyopia is "bad". It goes something like this: You can't trust Jake and endmyopia and the whole method and approach, because Jake charges money.  It's not free, ergo it's not good. To which my first, unedited reaction is, who are these people, f*cking communists?! The Internet having developed on top of an advertising model, and most benefits on the surface appearing to be free, in my opinion is a [...]

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