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Behind The Scenes.  Highly professional outfit that @endmyopia is, behind the scenes is all entirely sanctionable, appropriate, and educationally valuable content.

Or not any of that.  We take no responsibility for what you may find in this section.  (nor anywhere else, really … Jake is any PR professional’s amused nightmare)

Reversing Years Of Blur Adaptation: The Le Meow Forum

I really do fail to ever mention what is definitely one of our best community resources.   So let me say it here:  We have a pretty fantastic forum.  All kinds of in depth discussion about vision related topics.  Once you log in there, it's easy to get entirely consumed by reading threads and updates and being generally amazed at how much is being done with the resources from endmyopia. But do you hear about the forum at all here, [...]

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Is Endmyopia All About Making Money?

Let's talk about an issue sometimes brought up online, on why endmyopia is "bad". It goes something like this: You can't trust Jake and endmyopia and the whole method and approach, because Jake charges money.  It's not free, ergo it's not good. To which my first, unedited reaction is, who are these people, f*cking communists?! The Internet having developed on top of an advertising model, and most benefits on the surface appearing to be free, in my opinion is a [...]

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Acuvue Oasys For Astigmatism: Read Before Buying

Acuvue Oasys for astigmatism:  Finally the perfect daily contact lenses (if you have astigmatism)? Contact lens options have been exploding over the past several years, with way more features (and marketing hype buzz words), and sometimes eye-water prices.  Acuvue Oasys is top of the heap on both counts, with more buzz marketing words, and a higher price tag than a lot of the would-be competition.   Let's take a look at what these things have to offer, and if indeed [...]

Endmyopia-Friendly Optometrists

Shjeeeees. They are out there, kittehs.  Optometrists who know the secret handshake.  The winkey-wink.  The cough-cough-lower-diopters requests. As of this writing, nobody who sells lenses for a living is going to tell you that you shouldn't start wearing glasses.  Or that you shouldn't wear full minus for close-up.  We're not living in some kind of post-for-profit endmyopia wisdoms future. But we are living in the present.  This site gets millions of regular visits.  Even our tiny Youtube channel has over [...]

HPO Podcast: The Endmyopia Episode (Listen Here)

Adding to our podcast show appearance list today, HPO - Human Performance Outliers, by Dr. Shawn Baker. Shawn's resume is quite the lengthy and accomplished thing (notably very much unlike your favorite uncle Jake's).   Some highlights: ➟ Chief Of Orthopedics Kirtland Air Force Base ➟ Chief Of Orthopedics Luke Air Force Base ➟ Chief Of Orthopedic Trauma - Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan 2007 - 600 Surgeries ➟ Lead Surgeon Of 12 Provider Orthopaedic Surgical Group Private Practice Until 2016 ➟ [...]

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2018 – Stats Of The Year Review

Numbers. Numbers don't really reflect what matters to most of us here, but let's have a quick review of 2018 numbers, anyway. Google / Search 2018 wasn't a great year for us on Google. Mostly because your darling eye guru tried to do the right thing and update the site to SSL and mobile friendliness. In the process of doing so we lost about 30% of our regular traffic, because yea. An old tottery eye sage isn't good at Internet things. But [...]