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LASIK.  Pretty much the very worst case scenario for myopia treatment.  A permanent lens cut int your eye, mind bogglingly crude despite the word “laser” in the description.  This is some straight up Austin Powers / Dr. Evil plot, and we here at endmyopia honestly can’t believe this is a real thing.

Read through these posts.  Learn some basics about vision biology, about myopia causes, risk, side effects and the massive scandals around LASIK.  We hope to be able to convince you not to have your eyes cut up with a laser!

Louise: Fixed Bad Eyesight After LASIK | Endmyopia Podcast

If you had LASIK years ago, odds are pretty decent that you're experiencing at least some degree of myopia, again. We talk about LASIK quite a bit, over here. Of course if you already had the procedure, that's water under the bridge.  You still will want to start taking care of your eyes at some point, which is exactly what Louise has figured out: Well done!  More episodes, here. Definitely get into some good habits if you had LASIK, [...]

Jenny: Had LASIK, Needed Glasses Again (but now…)

Here's a wee little LASIK story and also great natural 20/20 gains report for ya'lls. It covers several important points (that an old guru gets asked about in e-mails four hundred seventy billion times a week).  Mainly yes, LASIK is not a solution, it's precisely the same bandaid as a minus lens, just this time it's permanently cut into your eyes. And also mainly yes, a lot of the sort of "doctors" who advocate LASIK, are in fact morons. (a [...]

LASIK, Need Glasses Again – Can I Still Fix My Eyesight?

So you had LASIK.   You had the LASIKs and a couple years have passed, and you're noticing that things aren't as clear as they used to bee.  Oops. This is a very common problem.  It happens because LASIK does nothing to address the root cause of your myopia, and is in fact just another lens changing the refractive state of your eyes.  The minus lens created stimulus that leads to progressive myopia just continues, so if your myopia wasn't [...]

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Louise: -1.50 Eyesight Post LASIK Regression To 20/20 (& more)

Hello darlings! After a bit of a travel hiatus and focus on building the secret Le Meow community with many upcoming extended how-to guides and videos, it's finally time to get through some 20/20 gains updates again.   Yes, the gains have been piling up as usual. Today we'll have post LASIK gains, and optometrist confirmed gains, and child myopia gains, and high myopia gains, and even optometrist commentary.   First let's look at Louise's improvements post LASIK, which is [...]

LASIK Surgeon: Axial Elongation Stops At Maturity

Today let's look at a plastic surgeon who boldly goes on record with some very questionable statements about how your eye works.   We're talking basic vision biology science here, and doctor dude not necessarily making all the sense.   I don't even want to post this. But it's perhaps worth making the point again, that we're not always involved in a discussion with science-minded individuals with a lot of knowledge on the past several decades of studies and progressed [...]

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Won’t Do LASIK, Eye Doctor Calls Her A Coward

You saw the title and clicked.  You're expecting a rant from uncle Jakey. But no. This is going to go all differently.  A bit of a public service announcement, this post.  Be aware that questioning your doctor's diagnosis is neither polite nor appropriate.  Even if it sounds like a sales pitch to your admittedly untrained, non-medically educated little clueless ears, don't start asking a bunch of questions.  You came to the professional for professional advice, you got the advice.   Also, this post [...]

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