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LASIK.  Pretty much the very worst case scenario for myopia treatment.  A permanent lens cut int your eye, mind bogglingly crude despite the word “laser” in the description.  This is some straight up Austin Powers / Dr. Evil plot, and we here at endmyopia honestly can’t believe this is a real thing.

Read through these posts.  Learn some basics about vision biology, about myopia causes, risk, side effects and the massive scandals around LASIK.  We hope to be able to convince you not to have your eyes cut up with a laser!

Got LASIK – Now Need Glasses Again?!

They won't tell you about this, the LASIK sellers:  You will probably need glasses again! Why is this? If you're reading this post, then you probably already had the surgery, and your vision did get worse again.  You go back to the laser shop and they'll sell you a "touch up" and reassure you that this is all perfectly normal. Well, they're lying to you.  It's not normal.    I get e-mails asking about post-LASIK eye problems, especially needing glasses [...]

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Lisa: Did LASIK, Got Warped Cornea

Every LASIK related story I get involves a bit of real heartbreak. Of course people who are happy generally don't ask me questions, but the volume of post LASIK complication inquiries here at endmyopia is really discouraging. Here's Lisa and her warped cornea outcome: Ouch. Now, does that seem worth it, not having to put on glasses? As I always say and will continue saying, LASIK is a horrible, horrible idea.  It's like a hundred years ago when "accredited medicine" [...]

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Caveat Emptor: LASIK – Amrit Just Got His Eyes Butchered (Forever)

So, kitteh.  Thinking about LASIK? I know you're not.  You read this blog after all, so you know better.  But let's just take a moment to put the bits into perspective. You go for a regular eye checkup. The guy is a doctor, he's got a medical office/practice, he's all professional and there are lots of machines and things that he's using to do your eye exam.  You feel like you're in good hand.  He's confidence inspiring.  He moves efficiently, he's [...]

Casey: “How Clear Can I Get With The Lasiks?”

Some days I find my finger is stuck, just hovers over the delete button.  I feel like if I press down once now, I'm not sure if I can stop.  Just keep hitting the button over and over deleting e-mails till everything marked 'reader inquiry' is gone.  Just a blank, white screen, task complete. Imagine the moment of peace.  All questions averted.   Everything I would answer anyway, can be found in the blog.  Questions that couldn't be sorted with a search, [...]


Did LASIK, Spent $4,000, Horrible Floaters & Headaches

Here's a comment Alex left on our Youtube video on crazy scary LASIK practitioners (if you haven't seen it, click over or read the blog post here): It's a serious gamble, no re-do's, this whole LASIK thing. On a lighter note, did you see the video edit of the story about the Indian boy who beats all of modern optometry?  It's silly of course, but also watch it here: Thumbs up, subscribe to the channel for more videos. Count yourself [...]

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Matt Improves From -4.25 To -2.50 (and more stories)

Let's look at some reader and student e-mails, today. First up, Matt improves from -4.25 to -2.50.  That's a healthy start right into low myopia territory.  Well done.   Avoided the LASIK.  Lucky Matt! Some days it's easy to take all the improvement stories for granted.  Especially if you've been following @endmyopia for a while, or if you're me, clicking through hundreds of e-mails a day (yes, I skim and hit delete liberally, and the e-mail admin does the rest). [...]