Every LASIK related story I get involves a bit of real heartbreak.

Of course people who are happy generally don’t ask me questions, but the volume of post LASIK complication inquiries here at endmyopia is really discouraging.

Here’s Lisa and her warped cornea outcome:



Now, does that seem worth it, not having to put on glasses?

As I always say and will continue saying, LASIK is a horrible, horrible idea.  It’s like a hundred years ago when “accredited medicine” and “doctors” would shove ice picks into your skull, literally, to help you “cure depression”.  Yes, that was who people trusted then, and in so many ways it’s the same doctors being trusted now.

They sell and perform surgeries.  There’s nothing here involving your health.

Don’t end up in Lisa’s situation, which there is no easy fix for (other than more surgery).  You can reverse your myopia without having to look to the madhouse that is the current mainstream of vision correction.